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Sorry for the interruption girls, but it's time to talk about sunscreen. Why's that? Because spring is hereeee! And what better moment to talk about this than now?

As I was telling you here, I ordered the Kiss My Face SPF 30 sunscreen in my first Iherb order. I've been using it since and here I am with a review. A positive one this time, because this product is really nice. 

First of all, it doesn't dry out my skin. It's not that moisturizing, but it's not drying either. I use this with a few drops of my Pai Rosehip Oil and my skin loves this combo. This sunscreen has a nice creamy formula, it's so lightweight! Like a dream. It spreads easily on the skin and doesn't leave that white, horrible cast once applied so you can go out and enjoy the sun without looking like a ghost (that if you don't use foundation, like I do).

The product comes in an orange tube and it's really hygienic as you can see in the pictures. You can't go wrong with it and you won't get out too much product. It also has nice ingredients and I think it's a good move to start using more natural (chemical-free) products. If you have sensitive skin like I do and you break out from literally anything, this is an important step in your skincare routine.

What more can I say about this, really? I really like everything about this sunscreen. Seriously, I can't think about something I don't like. Maybe only the fact that it's available only on Iherb, but that's not really a problem because this can be the perfect excuse for a new order!

Overall, I think it's a really nice product and cheap also. You can find it here for the price of $9.95.

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