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Well I thought I'd better introduce this kind of post, since I've became so faithful to some nice beauty products! Please let me report that these two products are the ones I came back to years after first trying them out. I don't recall that happening with many other products out there, but let me tell you more below.

A few years ago I received my first Mx Factor foundation and that was the Miracle Touch one. It was just when I started working as a beauty advisor for them, so I really got to know the products closely and make my mind about them. I instantly loved this foundation, how it glided on the skin, the color, the light coverage, the way it made my skin felt! 

Back then, my beauty routine wasn't so complex. I experienced some breakouts after a few months of using this foundation and I stopped applying it, but my mind was still at how wonderful this was overall, even years after using it so here I am now! I searched for it like crazy because apparently the online was the only way to get it. I'm shade 80 Bronze, just like I first was when I got it. I made a full review here, where I was telling you how madly in love I was with it. And I still am. I just think it's the 'crème de la crème' for my preferences and my needs!

Moving on to the Olay Day Fluid you see next to my Miracle Touch foundation, I must say I love Olay skincare. Unfortunately, I can't find this brand in stores right now so ordering it online was the only option to get it. I love the formula but tell me, who doesn't love a light moisturizer that makes skin glow and protects it? The formula of this is so nice! It's almost like a lotion, but really moisturizing. I first tried it years ago and liked it very much. I think it's perfect for my combination skin.

Have you tried any of these two products?

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