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SPF is something I use everyday. I am aware of the benefits that come with wearing sun protection, so I am convinced that using it everyday is a good thing. Finding a product that has both high SPF and a good formula is like a roller coaster. I have never in my life found a sunblock to love, that is exactly the reason I'm always stuck with using normal day moisturizers, that have an SPF of 15-20 or a foundation with high SPF like the Dermablend one.

I recently found this product, the Bioderma ABCDerm for kids, that sounded promising: it had mineral filters, that usually don't break me out (yeey!) and a high SPF of 50. It all went nice for a few weeks, it was the perfect sunblock literally. It felt nice on the skin, good at hydrating and still managed to keep my oiliness away for an entire day! 

Unfortunately, this won't be a positive review because I found out that this product dries out the skin very bad. I noticed that my face was drier, but I thought that it's the winter to blame and the fact that my skin may be changing due to the fact that my skincare routine has also changed. It actually was the sunblock to blame and I gave up using it a few weeks ago. I'm now on 'recovery' and by that I mean hydrating masks, exfoliating products, oils and moisturizers. I'm not gonna use this product again, without doubt.

I won't repurchase this product also because it left my face soooo white! The white cast this leaves makes it impossible to wear without a foundation on top. And let's face it, on a good skin day, I don't want to wear foundation! Nedless to day, skin needs a break from makeup in order to breathe, a step I take in the weekends usually when I go makeup-free. But anyways, I was really going to overlook the aspect of having a white face like a geisha, but taking into consideration that the overall effects are so bad, it now lays abandoned on my dressing table, without me knowing what to do with it.

I'm not gonna end my search for the perfect sunblock, though. I already have my eyes on one from Iherb. I'm so gonna order some products soon.

Have you tried this product? What is your favourite sunblock?

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