It's a wonderful life

January 1st

Happy New Year, friends!
My holiday is almost over and that makes me really sad. It's so good to have some time for myself, think about nothing, do what I like and not what I have to do or do nothing.  I basically did this - nothing - apart from sleeping, reading blogs,  drinking lots of hot chocolate, some shopping and a makeup look. Also, I've watched TV for hours. At least I've learned some interesting things about lions and antiques. So 2012 ended  with me being perfectly fine, relaxed and optimistic. 
On January 1st some friends and I went on a little trip, to celebrate and have some fun. The sun was high and the weather was fine. Perfect for this time of year.
How have you been these days?
I hope you all have a wonderful year! Thank you so much for your support, for reading this blog and your lovely comments.