What's new on my dressing table (I)

A Memory Jar.
I've seen this on one of the blogs I love reading, Dutchess Roz
I personally love the idea of keeping a memory jar, with all the beautiful things that happen. Of course I won't forget the big beautiful things, but I want to remember the little things too. The little tiny things that make me smile, laugh or feel happy. I've put the memory jar on my dressing table, that way I won't forget about it. Because I do forget things, you know.
I've always found it very hard to do these kinds of things, it's like writing a diary and I've never been good at that :) of course, keeping a memory jar should be more fun and easier to do than writing a diary.
So anyway, I've already written down a note from that little trip I was telling you about in my previous post.

What do you think? Will you try it too?

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