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It's September already and that means that things will change a bit. Not only I have a new beauty wishlist, but I also want to spice things up a bit regarding my wardrobe and my shoes and try some new things (I'm not very aventurous when it comes to outfits). So, here's what I'd like to get/change this fall.

1. Shoes

If you follow me on Instagram, you can easily guess that I have a new crush on this wedge sneakers trend. So much that I bought two pair of them in only one week. I also got my eyes on these Nike Air Revolution Sky High Top Sneakers, aw that's quite a long name for a pair of sneakers! But you have to admit that they do look nice. That's not it, I'll also get some army boots, a style that I've been loving for the past few years, and also some knee high boots, black and with high heels which have been my obsession for years but I never got'em.

2. Beauty products

My favourite part...Firstly, there's this foundation from L'Oreal that I really want to try out, especially since I can't find it in my country and, you know what they say, we always want what we can't get, haha! No seriously, True Match seems to be a perfect foundation, with a good formula, good coverage and a good price. I'm pretty sure I'll get to try it out this fall. I also want to try something different from Olay on my face, so I guess I'll give Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream a try. And for my hair I found this product that seems to do it all: provide moisture, shine and protect from heat, I mean Kerastase Nectar Thermique, you guys! I'm a little scared by it's high price, but I always took risks with my hair, right?

3. Clothes&accessories

A normal girl would have millions of items on her wishlist, but I only got these. I'd like to buy myself a pretty floral dress to match with my army boots and a leather jacket. I can really see myself wearing them together, I feel like that is my true self. I also want to get my hands on a new watch, more classic and cute. Not that I don't love my other 10, haha!

What's on your wishlist this fall? Tell me everything!

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