Trip to Hungary

By Tuesday, September 09, 2014 , ,

I just came back from my holiday in Hungary and let me tell you, I really needed it. This everyday stress is killing my nerves and going to another country for a few days was exactly what I wanted. We chose to kill our time in the Aquaticum Aquapark in Debrecen, visit the city and relax a bit. We ate lots of new food, made tones of pictures and pretty much enjoyed our stay there like we should have. We booked a nice room at the Regi Posta Pension in the centre of Debrecen and went to the Aquapark every single day. There, I preferred the jacuzzi, but my boyfriend is more of a 'dolphin' and enjoyed more swimming in the pool. Of course I had to do some shopping because in Hungary I actually found some beauty products that are not available in my country. All in all, it was a nice experience and I really liked the clean streets, the people, the architecture of the city which made our stay there even more special. In Hungary they have great food, good prices and the people are very friendly. Definitely a good experience.

 Have you ever been here?

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