The battle of intensive conditioners: Aussie vs. Dove vs. Tigi S Factor

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Alright, here's another post dedicated to hair products. I decided to call this a 'battle' because every time I take a bath I find myself wondering what product to use. Just some info about my hair: dry, damaged, breaks easily and just recently got it cut. Because it's dry and curly, I like using moisturizing products to tame my frizz and to add that moisture that, obviously, I have lost somewhere on the way. I used these three products alternatively with my Goldwell Dualsenses Rich shampoo and I noticed some differences. Are you ready?

1. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner

I heard raves about this product and I finally found it in Hungary. I used it for the first time that day when I bought it and expected some 'miracles'. I was really dissapointed to see that it didn't make my hair shiny, smooth or anything like that. It managed to detangle it very well, but did not add that moisture that I wanted. 

2. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner

For the past few years I've had a terrible relationship with drugstore conditioners of any kind. They just did not deliver what I expected and this was the main reason why I chose using salon hair masks and conditioners. I decided however to give this a chance and I was surprised by how well this worked on my hair. Not only it detangles like crazy, but also provides moisture, makes the hair shiny and more manageable. It has a creamy texture, smells incredible and has some sort of oils blend in it. Needless to say it's super cheap and available in any drugstore.

3. Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner

This is my first Tigi S product, so I had some high hopes regarding it's action upon my hair. It detangles very well, it's moisturizing and has a strawberry-mint flavour. It's a nice products for those with normal hair maybe, but not for me. Although this has good reviews on the internet, I was not blown away by it's effects. It just didn't deliver.

The conclusion
You can tell which one of these three conditioners wins the battle in my case. I love the Dove conditioner and most definitely will repurchase after I finish them all. Having curly and dry hair and using a straightener twice a week definitely requieres a more intensive moisturizing product and that is Dove in my case. I will also try the shampoo from the same range when I'll run out of Goldwell an hopefully it'll be as good as the conditioner! Fingers crossed.

What are your favourites?

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