Japanese restaurant dinner

By Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So we went to dinner today to a nice Japanese restaurant across the strees. We usually go every month to a nice dinner in town, on the pay day of course, because what better way to celebrate this than spending money, really?

I had some kind of vegetables pizza (yes this was made entirely from vegetables, no flour added). I was craving for pizza anyway, but Alin wanted sushi so we went there to satisfy his craving. It was delicious, but it also had an ingredient I'm not a big fan of: ginger. Apart from this, excellent.

Alin had sushi, of course. We shared plates, of course, like we always do. He's more adventurous than I am, so he always orders food he never tasted before and I'm more the kind that sticks with pizza, pasta and stuff like that. BUT I did taste the sushi and I really liked it. I can't believe I never ate that before!

Next time we'll to go a Lebanese restaurant, we heard the food is great.

That's about it, let me know where do you like to go out to dinner, share some ideas!

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