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Lately I've been on a continuously 'bad skin day' because I recently started breaking out like I used to when I was 12. Lucky for me, my patience is getting paid out because my skin looks better and I also am very careful with what I put on my face. It's not lie that I tend to stick with products that are safe and that give me the glowy effect without killing my bank account.
Nonetheless, the first product I love is the Kiss My Face SPF 30 Sunscreen. You can find a detailed review on my blog, I actually just ordered another two tubes from Iherb. It's so hard to find a high SPF product that actually suits the skin's needs! This is the perfect combination between mattifying and hydrating, has lots of beneficial ingredients and doesn't break me out.
My second product is my foundation and my favourite is Accord Parfait from L'Oreal. It's perfect for sensitive, acne prone skin because it's lightweight, has a nice formula and medium coverage. I usually apply any foundation with a damp makeup sponge like the Ebelin ones or with a damp beauty blender.
The last product for a perfect face is actually the Sleek Face Form in Light which I've been using like crazy lately. The blush is to die for, the highliting powder is incredible and the contouring powder is a perfect match for my skin.
These three products altogether are my perfect combination for a radiant, nearly flawless skin.

What is your perfect match?

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