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Hello there, girls!
I hope you're ready for a new Iherb haul post, cuz' I've been dying to show you what I've got. I actually made two orders this month because I had last minute thoughts about some products and I told myself, what the hell, this must be my Iherb order month, haha!

Firstly, I am thrilled to say I have a favourite sunscreen and that is the Kiss My Face SPF 30 reviewed here. My first order included 2 tubes of this, the Neutrogena cleanser and the lipbalm. Now this order was 5 days late and since I am now using chemical exfoliants at evenening I really couldn't be without sunscreen. Luckily, my friend from Dia's Pretty Things saved me this time and made me a present: a tube of this exactly sunscreen!

Since I'm completely changing my skincare routine, I really wanted to give the Neutrogena Gentle Hydrating Cleanser a chance, especially since everyone seems to love it. I have nothing to say about it right now, I haven't used it yet since I am currently enjoying the Balea Med Sensitive Gel.

The Sierra Bees lipbalm is lovely. I have really dry lips and I have tried every lipbalm out there without results. This is a really good product, my lips are moisturized and I don't feel the need to be constantly applying it because the effect is long lasting. It doesn't feel greasy, nor has a bad smell. 

The reason why I made a second order is because I wanted badly to try the Alpha Hydrox Oil Free Treatment 10% AHA. I removed this product like a thousand times from my cart. Seeing so good results with Paula's Choice Liquid exfoliant, I wanted something more for my face. I've only used it once, I want to incorporate it slowly in my beauty routine so I'm starting with once a week. The first morning after using it my face was glowing and I hope I'll like it on the long term use.

The Kiss my Face SPF 30 Spray was a last minute purchase. I want to protect my skin from the sun without spending a lot of money on SPF products so this was a nice choice, considering that  I am addicted to their moisturizer.

As you can see, I am beginning to order from Iherb more and more. My cart is actually full at this moment. That's about it, I hope you enjoyed reading my post and please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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