5 things I'll be wearing this Christmas

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Christmas is almost here and that's such a good thing. I can already feel that positive vibe that makes me full of energy and happy. Really happy. It's been a crazy year, with ups and downs but most importantly a year full of lessons. I'm gonna share with you some things I want to wear this Christmas...some things that I love.
First of all it's sunblock. It makes me feel safe, protected at any moment during the day. This is a feeling that I want to be with me during the holidays. Moreover, Antheliox XL with SPF 50+ is a lovely product, perfect for everyday use. I will tell you more on a separate post.
e.l.f Mineral Booster in Shimmer. I love this stuff. I first used it a few years ago (I have it reviewed here). I was dying to use it again and I was really lucky to find a person that sells e.l.f products right here in my town. It's perfect for everyday use and perfect for sensitive skin like mine.
Pai Rosehip Oil is my new love. I absolutely love this product, it's my HG in skin care. I will say more in a separate post.
Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01. Nothing looks more adorable that a red matte lipstick on a pale glowing skin (I achieve that look by protecting my skin with LRP Anthelios XL and by using the mineral booster as a finishing product). This also gives a more festive vibe to my look, completed by...
This adorable sweater by Zara. I was so lucky to find one for the Christmas holiday. I love the cute design and the little pearls. Looks so classy.

What are you wearing this Christmas?

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