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Things have changed in a heartbeat lately. As you already know I really like trying new products and that is because needs change all the time (take for example my skin) and 2.because if one product doesn't convince me, I am for sure tempted to search for a better one. For today I'm gonna share with you some new discoveries that have found their way on my daily routine and, as you already know, I like to post about things that I like and find them effective, either I'm talking about my hair, makeup or my skincare routine. Keep on reading to find more, ladies.
So I'm gonna start with the newest addition to my hair care routine, Kerastase Nectar Thermique Nourishing Milk. I've only been using this for about a week now and my first thoughts are that it smells wonderful, makes my hair less frizzy, keeps it straigh when I style it and gives it a beautiful, gorgeous shine. It's quite expensive which may be a no-no, but I am very happy with this product. My hairstyle now requieres me to use a straightener on my bangs everyday (yes, I got bangs), and I feel that my hair is really protected from heat damage when using this.
Moving on to my currently makeup remover (Vichy Purete Thermale), I talked about this also here. I took a break from using it for about two weeks and only used coconut oil to remove my makeup. Then my skin got crazy and I needed something to be efficient and gentle on my skin so there it is. I cannot praise this enough. It's so lightweight, so delicate, feels so soothing and calming.
Bioderma Sebium Exfoliating Gel is the first product I use from this range and I am truly amazed by how well it performs. I am so amazed that I use this every night with my Olay Pro X brush (review here). I really want to try out more from Bioderma, especially from this range. One day I just got to the conclusion that I need something to really clean my face before bed so I purchased this instead of the exfoliator from Avene (it was not available). My face looks so much better since I got this, I can really see a difference when I use it. And that is everyday.
Oriflame True Perfection Renewing Night Cream is something I started to use only about a week ago. So far I like the effects. It's hydrating without being greasy, has a gel texture, silk tree extract and glycolic acid to gentle exfoliante the skin overnight. I also mentioned a few words here about the day cream that I like very much. I am really pleased with this range that includes also the refreshing eye illuminator, a very light yet moisturizing cream. This is actually the first eye cream that I like.
Sudocrem is a controversial product. Some say it's not safe to use on face, some say it does wonders on acne. It's an antisepting healing cream, formulated to soothe and calm any kind of rashes on the skin. It contains zinc oxide that may be responsible for that effect on acne that people talk about on the internet. If you're asking me, I used a tiny little bit of Sudocream at night on my blemishes and they have almost gone away. I actually had some on the bridge of my nose for about three weeks, that just wouldn't heal and Sudocrem helped me a lot. In about three days they were gone. So I'm not sure what to say yet, but so far I had only good results with it.
Trind Nail Balsam has been my saviour for the past couple of weeks. I have very thin nails that get broken easily, that's the reason why I never bothered with doing my manicure. I mean, if the final result is a broken nail, why do it, haha? I've been using this once a week and I feel that my nails are stronger and in an overall better condition thn before. I don't struggle anymore with broken nails, so I guess this has some effect on them.

Have you tried any of these products? Share your opinion with me.

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