November 2014 Beauty Favourites

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So it's December already, hurray! Christmas is almost here and I guess that this thought is was keeps me so inspired and motivated to keep on blogging these days. November was a cruel month, so cold outside, rainy and made me totally unproductive. The good thing is that holidays are approaching and that is just great. November's favourites are here, ladies and gentleman.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal
I have used this after blow drying my hair and it really makes a difference, especially combined with the Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner. This is, however, my favourite product right now because it's moisturizing without feeling greasy, provides great shine and it's perfect to tame the frizz.
Possess by Oriflame
I got this at our annual bloggers meeting at the beggining of November and used it every day since opening it. It's a very luxurious and sensual perfume, I really like the scent and the fact that I can still feel it on my skin and clothes at the end of the day.
True Perfection Day Cream by Oriflame
I also have this one from our beauty bloggers meeting. I received it with the night moisturizer and also the serum, but I did not want to open them all because I wasn't sure if they were nice to my skin. Although I started using it just recently, I only used this as my day/night moisturizer and I like it so far. My sensitive skin is happy with it.
Vichy Dermablend Foundation
Have this reviewed here.
Nivea Creme
I first tried this a few months ago and I was and still am surprised by how good this is. Although it's consistency is very thick and may be too moisturizing at times, I like applying this over my True Perfection day cream on areas that requiere more hydration (on my chin for example). I kept using this also when I had this problem with the skin around my mouth, it started to dry out very bad and soon became red and rough. So I used this every night for about a week or so and even now, when I'm ok with that area, I still use it.
Nivea Q10 Eye Cream
Well of course, I am tempted to try more from Nivea now that the moisturizer above is so good. I like that this little one is moisturizing enough and that fights against early wrinkles. That's it for now, I've only been using it for some weeks but I like it so far. Some people said that it also helps with dark circles, but I guess I'll have to use it more time to see a change in that.
Mary Lou-Manizer
I said a few words about this here.

Have you used any of these products?

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