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I like using oils on my face, but not more than a month or so. Why is that? Because I usually break out like crazy after a few weeks and then I have to 'recover'. I have to say that I've tried many oils on my face and that happened every single time. That is why I never thought that this would make any difference at all, but I ordered it anyway because I was convinced to do so by the reviews on the internet. They were so good that I though 'let's see what's the fuss about this' and bang. A few days later it was mine.
I've been using the Pai Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil for the past few months and I think it's great. In one word, great. It's lightweight, moisturizing, perfect for a face that has occasional breakouts. It's actually great on my pimples, because they seem to heal faster. I like a product that has that effect on my skin. I started using it at night but in no time I started using it twice a day, as my regular moisturizer: before my sunblock and at night as my night moisturizer. I'm happy to report that my skin is at it's best. It's well moisturized, mostly clear (hormones) and basically happy. Using a face oil for such a long time didn't appeal to me because they are all pefect for about a month and then I start breaking out like I'm 12, but it's not the case with this one. It's definitely not a cheap product, but I think it's worth saving for. As I was saying, I got this about two months ago and I only used up half a bottle. I think it will last me about 2-3 more months, that only if I find a good moisturizer for the day and keep this for the night only.
This has certanly became my favourite skincare product. Now for the packaging. I really like the bottle, I think it's classy and hygienic at the same time. I usually use 4-5 drops for my entire face, applied on damp skin. That way I make sure all the oil is absorbed, instead of staying at the surface of my skin. One thing I also tried with the oil is mixing 2-3 drops in my sunblock and I liked what it turned out. My sunblock looked much better on my skin and my skin overall looked better. One night I also gave myself a facial massage using this oil and I loved the effect! I would say it's perfect for everyday use and worth the money. 
As you can see, the color is quite orange but it looks colorless once applied on the skin. The texture is really pleasant, the skin feels instantly smooth and relaxed. Some may find the smell unepleasant, but I don't mind it taking into consideration the effects.

Will I repurchase? 90% yes. If I have money by the time I finish this bottle, I will.
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...with my own money.

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