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Just so you know, I am a beauty junkie. That means I like trying out new products, even though I end up regretting that 70% of the time. But in the rest of 30% of my time, I am happy to find out that some of the products I bought in a heartbeat were not lost cases, but happy endings. 

Of course, I will always, always invest more in my skin so that I won't have to invest too much in my makeup, haha. But there are some essentials, like those from today, that I use on an everyday basis so finding the perfect ones takes time and patience. And courage, because experimenting can be quite a challenge sometimes.

So, first things first, we went to Sinaia for a few days last week. There was an event and I 'accidentaly' put on too much of my favourite perfume, Possess by Oriflame. And that was it. I had to buy a new bottle because I never felt so connected to another perfume up until now. I just feel that it suits my personality very much.

The sunblock I've used on an everyday basis for the past few weeks is Bioderma ABCDerm SPF50. I switched to this one because it has mineral filters instead of chemicals one that used to break me out. I want to do a full review on it, because there are some interesting things to say about how it behaves.

Glyco-A from Isis Pharma was really hard to find in my town. I've been using it for about two weeks now and my face was a disaster for the first few days. I had, what I call, 'an under construction face'. I read many reviews and it can lead to some breakouts in the first days of use and that is normal when you use a 12% AHA product. I'm gonna review it separately.

Because I love sunkissed skin soooooo much, I decided to buy from Amazon two bottles of Dove Summer Glow (Medium to Dark skin). It was love at first...sniff! It smells really delicious and fresh and I hope it will be my year-round saviour. I thoght it would be the nicest, easiest way to achieve that glow. I've used it a few times up until now and it's fine so far!

Maybelline Baby Lips is the cutest product ever! I love the packaging, I love the formula, I love the smell and I love it all! It does moisturize the lips, although when it's really cold outside it doesn't provide enough moisture. But otherwise it's great.

Garnier Mineral InvisiDry Anti-Perspirant is my new discovery. I like staying fresh all the time so an effective deodorant is a must. This one has won my heart from the first uses. It smells fresh and really does it's job.

L'Oreal Telescopic mascara is my new fave, but I should probably try and get the review done! It's a perfect mascara for lenghtening, trust me!

These are my latest discoveries and more products are on their way! Have you tried any of them?

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