Hair changes and my favourite hairstyle

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Hair is a girl's best friend. When it looks good, we feel good. When not, well, we have what it's called ''a bad hair day'' and that reflects on our entire day. Or so things happen to me. 

I've been on a journey for the past few years and I've tried pretty much every hairstyle and color out there: red, black, chocolate brown. Only not blonde. So here I am, on a journey to become a blonde. I only had some highlights done about a month ago and man this is hard. I feel that I am running out of patience and whenever I see a blonde girl on the street I want it even more. 

It's been like this for years and yet I never managed to become one, even after I got so close like in this post. But going from brunette to blonde is not quite a walk in the park. The road is long and it takes a lot of patience to do it. I know better. If you have some advices upon this subject, please be kind and share with me. 

Moving on to my haircut, I've got some bangs done  last year in November I guess. And now I wanna get rid of them, but that's another story. Thing is, they make me feel younger but let's face it, I'm not really the kind of girl that styles her hair everyday. Especially her bangs. So not me.

My favourite hairstyle though is this one in the pictures above: loose curls. I love what my Remington curling wand does with my hair! Oh boy, I love it, especially since my hair does stay like that for an entire day.
You can also see what I'm wearing on my face here in this post.

What's your everyday hairstyle?

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