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I don't even know when I got so many new products but August is clearly the month to spoil myself. It's probably worthless saying how much I love spending money on beauty products, but it's worth mentioning that this month I bought mainly cheap products from DM. I'm just starting experiencing with Balea and Essence products that are a revelation for me and sporadically order something from the online.
Me Now Long Lasting Lip Gloss in 03 and The Hot Shop Lip Crayon in 12

This was purely experimental, I only wanted to try some BornPrettyStore makeup products and I saw these. I've used them a few times and they exceeded my expectations. The colors are actually really pretty and their formula allows a smooth and flawless application. They're definitely worth a try if you're in for a treat.

Avene SPF 50+ Water Resistant Cream

It's not that I don't like my Kiss My  Face SPF 30 Cream, I still like it a lot and I used it most nights also because it's a safe choice for my skin and lately everything seems to break me out. The problem is I recently noticed this is not water resistant and if only one drop of water touches my face, it will leave a white spot there. This is the only grip I have with the KMF sunscreen and the reason why I got a new one from Avene. I always liked their products and I just hope this one will be no exception. 

Mebra Vitamin A Cream (Retinol)

I know that using a retinol cream is way too early for me (I'm 24) but I bought this hoping it would help me with my pimples. This is a very cheap cream with natural ingredients that also contains retinol. I was reluctant when I got it as I was sure it was a waste of time trying it but, there's a but, it helped a lot with a few small pimples I had for over 2 months on my chin. Nothing worked on them, but this. I like this so, so much, I will continue to use it on my entire face once a week.

Essence Lip Liners in 12 Wish Me a Rose and 15 Honey Berry

I don't know what took me so long, but I finally tried two shades of one of the most raved product in the beauty blogosphere. I just can't believe how nice these products are. They are creamy, the colors are intense and opaque and they can easily be used as regular lipstick for carefree summer days, as they don't dry out the lips and they don't smudge out. I am planning to get more shades as they are very affordable.

Meli Melo hair band and Starfish Hair clip

I use a hair band 5-6 days out of 7 as I find it's really easy to put my hair up and looking nice at the same time. I bought this one from Meli Melo, that's were I usually shop for hair accessories since they are cheap. I ordered the Starfish hair clip a lifetime ago, you know how the international shipping is. I think it's actually pretty, but I don't know how to use it yet, haha.

Balea Beauty Effect Hyaluron Booster

I bought this serum because it has Hyaluronic Acid in it (in a small amount of course) and I was hoping it will help me with my dry skin. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of it. It's not that hydrating and it broke me out in little red pimples.

Green Clay

I'm a big fan of clay masks, but I don't like this green clay that much. I find that it leaves my skin super dry and irritated and of course that's the last thing I need when my face is a desert. 

Balea Aqua Mask

I always find myself buying more Balea products for the face, when I know the one true fact that they always break me out. I just couldn't help but buy the Aqua mask as I read it's great for dehydrated skin. I'll give it a try tonight as part of my home made facial.

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm SPF 20

This needs no further presentation, it's perfect for summer days as it's hydrating and has SPF 20 in it. I also tried the blue version, but I find this one better.

Balea Luxury Handlotion Golden Glamour

This is actually a nice product as it smells wonderful, kind of luxurious and has a very nice packaging but I do however find it's smell too heavy for most of the days. It's a nice product for not very dry hands.

Balea Cocos Deodorant

I'm not adventurous when it comes to deodorants. If I find a good one, I stick to it until it no longer does it's job (yes, that happens to me). This is a surprisingly nice product. It doesn't last all day, but the smell (kinda heavy and sweet for my like) lingers for at least 5-6 hours. Nice product, Balea.

~ Birthday Gifts ~
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

I wanted to try this as a facial oil since my experience with them was such a pleasant one (throwback to my beloved Pai Rosehip Oil, the best facial oil ever). This Nuxe product is actually a dry oil so totally opposed to what I was expecting. I knew it was a dry oil, but I've never tried one and I was surprised by it's texture. I hate it. I hate the texture and if I had the money I would go back to my Pai Rosehip Oil in a heartbeat. It's a pain to apply it now that my skin is so dry and I don't like the strong scent either. BUT, moving forward these issues, this gives me a nice glow in the morning and I've had little to no pimples since I started using it. I guess it's okay to make a small sacrifice and close my eyes to it's scent and formula.

Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss Spray

This is my first VS product and I love everything about it. The packaging is nice and girly and easy to take with when travelling. The smell is fresh and clean and makes me think about a holiday in the Hawaii. That's the voice of freesia and daisy! My boyfriend says it smells dreamy. Since I got this I actually used this a few times instead of perfume. 

Fossil Jacqueline Hand watch

Isn't this gorgeous? No further presentation, I love this. It was a birthday gift from my boyfriend who knew how much I needed a new hand watch, but I never thought I'll receive such a pretty one.

Have a nice day!

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