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By Monday, July 21, 2014 ,

Oh my gosh! How did the week pass so quickly?! How have you been, guys? 
I was so busy last week. If you're following me on Instagram, you probably know that I'm on a little project righ now: redecorating my room. I've changed everything apart from the colour on the walls and some furniture pieces that I'll be changing some other time. I discovered again how much I love these kind of projects. Not only they are time&money killers (hahaha) but they are so much fun! I'll tell you more in a next post, I'm thinking it will be like a 'room tour' post!
So, in the first picture you can see the view from my office! I don't even know if I should be glad or sad to be working in an office 5 days per week. Some days, when it's very hot outside, I love being in my office as here is always a little cold so in the summers it's perfect being here. At the office I always wear cute little earrings and lately I've been loving these ones from h&m. I bought these cuties last week on a 'quick shopping therapy'. I have them also on soft pink which is my favourite shade of pink and one of my favourite colors. To show my love for pink shades, I bought also that lovely lilac nail polish from Rimmel London, 60 Seconds range which is my newest love. I'll do a separate review on this one. Aaaand I shall not forget about my wall butterflies. New post coming soon, also. About the white roses, I got them from my boy. They look so nice on my new dressing table! I absolutely love having flowers in my room as they are so cute and cheerful. 
To make the most if this weekend, we went to a pension outside the city, we got a little tanned, ate a delicious bowl of icecream and enjoyed the sun. This is our first escape this year so it was like a blessing! In the last picture there's a snap of the newest episode on 'Pretty Little Liars'. I love this TV series although I did took some episodes to get me caught in the story. 

How was your week, friends?
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