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Finally I get the chance to say something about this fantastic product called the Dermablend Foundation!! Wow, I can hardly find the words to describe my enthusiasm for this product :) I will tel you why right away.
So, a few months it happened that a makeup product caused me some really bad breakouts and my L'Oreal True Match Foundation didn't seem to do the job too well so I started looking for a high coverage foundation that I could use until my face recovered from that madness. I found out that this foundation has one of the highest coverage power on the market and, being a fan of Vichy skincare products, it came easily to me to try this out. I went to the pharmacy and requested some samples to try it out and see if it fits my needs and if it was worth the money because it's not a cheap product. 
I used the samples for a few days and I fell in love with this foundation. Let me tell you guys, this can cover anything, from acne to dark circles, anything I'm telling you. When I wear this on my face, I don't have to wear concealer anymore because the coverage is very high and I simply don't need more. On the tube it says that can last up to 16 hours which is not the case with my doesn't last more than 6-7 hours on my skin, but that's ok with me because I have combination skin and also use moisturizing face creams under it and I kinda expect that to happen. This doesn't mean that my face gets very oily, especially when I use my e.l.f High Definition Powder, so it just gets a little shinny.
The formula is very ligh but the amount of pigment really provides a great coverage. I was expecting to find a thick product but no, it's really watery like the L'Oreal True Match Foundation which is kinda impressive. It didn't break me out and I found that the color I tested&purchased fits me perfectly: I wear 25 Nude and love it. Here are the swatches, one in natural light and one with flash.
This is me wearing it.
Sorry for not posting a before and after picture, I am not comfortable doing it. As you can see, my skin looks almost perfect. It's the foundation that makes it that way. In fact, when I took this picture I had a very bad skin day.I think that when you wear a high converage foundation the least thing you want is to feel it on your skin. Another thing that I love about Dermablend is that it feels almost like your second skin, very lightweight and comfortable. Of course, I know that it may not be how everyone out there feels about it, but this has really exceeded my expectations.
A very important thing when using a foundation of any kind is to properly prepare your skin for it. That means cleaning your face, exfoliating and using a hydrating product. Until a few months ago, I had a really bad skincare routine (now that I think about it, I couldn't call it a 'routine') and things dramatically changed after I realized it. Another important step is the tool you use to apply it. From my experience, the best one is a damp beauty blender, especially when we are talking about high coverage foundations that can tend to get cakey.
I have been using this product every day since I bought it, even though my face has cleared out. If I still use foundation anyway, I want to use something with a high coverage and this is my no 1 choice now. The effect on my skin is so dewy and natural, it doesn't feel or look like a mask at all! Definitely a great product and I am so happy I found it.

Have you tried it?

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