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Hey, girls! Did you miss this post, haha? Well let me tell you that I have excellent news. I have some beauty products that may be of interest to you, some skincare products, some makeup ones, you already know the deal! So, the past few months have been crazy! I found these products that I've been loving and used them almost everyday. Keep reading to find more :)
I'm gonna start by telling you a few things about my favourite moisturizer, the well known argan oil! I can't believe I never tried it on my face until now, it's such a fantastic product for such a low price. My face has never felt better, it's really hydrated now, my oily T-zone is under control and my pimples really seem to dissapear faster!
Next, I discovered the Dermablend foundation just a few weeks ago. I wanted something with high coverage (we all need it sometimes) but still look very natural and comfortable on the skin. I tried some samples and loved it! I bought the full size product a few days after and I've been using it every day. A full review will come soon.
My Ebelin Beauty Blender has been my obsession these past few months. I never thought that a product like this will make such a huge difference in the way I apply my foundation. This works wonders with my Dermablend foundation, I just cannot praise this enough.
I also recently purchased the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer (that you've seen here) which is my first product from TF. I'm not sure wether I like it or not, we kinda have a love-hate relationship!
Moving on to the MAC lipstick in Red , my boyfriend gave me this as a gift. This is actually my first MAC product but I don't want to say more now. I will review it very soon! 
The little L'Oreal Color Riche Nailpolish in shade 201, Rose Paradis has been one of my favourite colors of all time: it's classy and with this my manicure looks so clean and polished. Definitely among my favourites also because lasts very long (a few days perfectly!).
3D Crest White strips have been with me for months and I really saw a difference. These strips are very easy to use, very comfortable and can be used on sensitive teeth too. My teeth are definitely whiter, even though I still drink coffee (I love coffee) and now I only use them when there's a special occasion.
Vichy Purete Thermale. On, how I love this product! This is actually a 3 in 1 makeup remover for sensitive skin. Althogh I struggle a little removing my Dermablend foundation with it, I really love how this makes my skin feel (also calms down the itches and redness, so it's perfect for sensitive skin). I absolutely adore Vichy skincare products.
Next I'm gonna say a few things about a fantastic product called Mary-Lou Manizer. I'm sure you all know this product so I won't get into details, but seriously now, how great can this be??? I bought it a month ago and used it every day since! Review&swatches to come soooon!
Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder was on my beauty wishlist for quite a while. While in Hungary (a few months ago) I came across their products and was totally blown away because I wanted so much to try them out. I really wanted to buy everything, haha! It's not a spectacular product, it's ok for a bronzer, matte and the color is warm, but not among my favourites though. I prefer the e.l.f matte bronzer instead, haha.
And the last product is actually a moisturizer, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, the version with SPF. I really like this one, it's so hydrating and refreshing, although the smell is kinda bad. I adore the fact that it has SPF in it and really moisturizes my skin which is something I am obsessed with. Hasn't caused any breakouts and is definitely one of the best face cream I have ever tried.

That's it for the moment! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you think!

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