Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in Shy Flamingo

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catrice ultimate shine shy flamingo
Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in Shy Flamingo

Fellow bloggers recommended Catrice products and it really caught my attention. I decided to try a lipstick and, although this is not the best first time experience, I am still interested in trying more from this brand. I posted a picture on my Instagram a few days ago where I was saying that I have mixed feelings about this lipstick. The color is gorgeous, but the tacky and overall formula of this make me reach for another lipstick.

Colour: The colour is a gorgeous bright peachy/coral with pink undertone  shade, perfect for summer days. It comes packed with lots of shiny glitter meant to reflect the light. I find the color buildable if you want a high intensity lipstick, but one coat is usually enough for my taste. I do find, however, the color a little more on the orange side for my likely and for my skin tone. It would definitely suit tanned skin better, but on my pale skin it looks orange toned which I dislike.  My lips color is also really light, so the lipstick comes in full colour strength and looks really bright.
catrice ultimate shine shy flamingo

Texture and finish: This is  a very rich and creamy lipstick, but I find the texture tacky and bad overall. Although the shade is really nice, I am not comfortable wearing it. I always fear that my teeth are stained and I don't like how the glitter feels. This has a grainy feeling on my lips, like those exfoliating particles in cleansing products, if you know what I mean. The finish is worthy of it's name "Ultimate Shine', it does provide a lot of shine due to the formula and the glitter particles. However, this is a lipstick that emphasizes imperfections and will sit on every dry spot you have on your lips. They have to be properly exfoliated and moisturized before applying it. It definitely requires a lot of attention in terms of application, but the final result may be on your likely.
I found a way however to minimize the nasty effect mentioned above, but I am not fully a fan of this method and I do think the process should be easier. Anyway, I apply a coat, then use a napkin to remove the excess, then use another coat applied lightly just to build up the colour. 

Staying power: It doesn't perform very well in terms of staying power (I didn't expect it anyway because of the creamy formula) and I do feel the need to reapply it a few hours later.  I hate however how it feels on my lips once reapplied. This also transfers to anything your lips touch, so be careful.

catrice ultimate shine shy flamingo

Scent: The scent is very similar to Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick (I own the shade Bois de Rose), really classic and familiar, but the latter has a stronger scent than the Catrice one.

Packaging: I like the packaging, I find it classy and simple. The mechanism inside works really well and the packaging itself is resistant and sturdy. I wouldn't worry about breaking it if it falls down or being opened inside my purse. 

catrice ultimate shine shy flamingo
Price&Availability: You can find this in the online for about €4 or in stores that sell Catrice products. For my fellow Romanian bloggers, it can be found here

Have you tried it?

Have  nice day!

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