Sephora Color Collection "Brown is back"

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Sephora Collection Color Lip Last in Brown is Back
I was looking for a brown shade of lipstick for months, until I saw this beauty on one of my friends on Instagram. I knew immediately I would love it and lucky for me, my boyfriend was very receptive and went looking for it. I'm not a very big fan of brown lipsticks, in fact I never had one so I don't know exactly what hit me because brown lipsticks don't suit everyone so I was a little reluctant that I would like it.

Colour: In terms of colour, this is a pinky-light brown shade that, surprisingly, suits my pale skin perfectly. There are days when I feel like this is too much, but that is because I am not yet comfortable wearing this shade of lipstick since I never had one like it. I think the colour is really wearable, but it's definitely a very picky one since you do have to take into consideration the clothes you wear or the colour of your hair (I didn't like wearing it when I was a redhead). The pigmentation is also excellent.
Texture and finish: It's a fully opaque lipstick with a soft texture, until it dries and becomes semi matte. The lips look kinda dry, but I do like that effect because they seem fuller and are more interesting. The finish is semi matte, it doesn't have any kind of shimmer in it and is easy to apply but beware, once dried, you can't do anything about it.
Staying power: It stays on the lips for hours, but goes off patchy especially when you drink, so you have to be careful. If you chose not to eat or drink, you should definitely use a little lipbalm applied gently with your finger that will add a little moisture and can extend it's staying power. 

Scent: This is the first thing I noticed the first time I opened it. The scent is really delicious and it's a pleasure to apply it on your lips.

Packaging: The lipstick comes is a very elegant packaging and the mechanism works really well. I find it very girly and sweet because of the thin little tube of lipstick inside.
Price&availability: This lipstick costs $13 and you can buy it from Sephora.

Let me know what you think about this shade.
Have a great day!

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