L'Oreal Accord Parfait Foundation in Vanille Rose

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L'Oreal Paris Le Teint Accord Parfait Foudation in R2 Vanille Rose
I've had this foundation in the past and the reason why I bought it again was the fact that back then I was satisfied with it's performance. Now it's been quite a road with ups and downs because I find it really hard to get along with this foundation nowadays, but yet I have used it in the past two months almost on a daily basis. 
Shade: I instantly got the wrong shade called 'Vanille Rose'. My mistake was that I measured the shade only by trying it on my hand and I was convinced that it would fit my face skin colour. I compared this one with the R1 Ivoire Rose, which was too light for me. 
The R2 Vanille Rose shade has a neutral sub tone and would fit my skin perfectly if it wasn't a little darker than my complexion is nowadays. This is the second lightest shade in the range and it made me realize just how pale I am. However, I dislike just how different can too shades be, especially when they come one after the other. The selection of shades is something they could work on.

Texture and finish: This has a watery texture which I like. It blends in pretty easy, a beauty sponge or a foundation brush. Personally, I prefer to apply my foundations with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to ensure a smooth application, but that really depends on what foundation I'm using.
I couldn't use my RT brush with this foundation. The problem is that it has a tendency to sit on my skin once dried. I can literally see how it sits on my pores, although the are no unblended foundation spots on my face. I just can't seem to make it look nice and flawless and that happens especially around my nose and on my T-Zone. Although my face is always well moisturized, I can't get along with it this time and I find the application very tricky overall. I can't say it's something really visible, in fact most people wouldn't even notice this, but it bothers me that I can't make it look good. The only thing that makes the application easier is a damp beauty sponge, but that will minimize the coverage power.
However, if I insist on applying it with my RT brush, I can notice that the skin doesn't look healthy at all. I felt that it made my skin looking and feeling dry, especially on my chin and around my mouth. Same goes for applying it with my fingers, it looks cakey and disturbing.
The finish is also tricky. Applying it with my RT brush, it is more matte. If I apply it with a damp beauty sponge, it will be a little dewy, so getting the perfect balance between matte and dewy is hard.
Coverage and staying power: There is lots of room for improvements. Accord Parfait is a light to medium coverage foundation in my opinion. The coverage may be buildable but I cannot get a second layer on areas where I need it without looking cakey. Needless to say that the shade wouldn't allow me to do so.
In terms of staying power, this foundation is average. At the end of the day I can see how my T-Zone is messing around and this just seem to disappear from my face during the day.

Packaging: At least the packaging is nice and elegant, because the other things I don't like that much. It comes in a glass bottle and the pump mechanism works really well. I can see exactly how much product I have left and I like the design of the bottle itself. No complaints here.
Price and availability: You can get it at any drugstore or in the online for about 10$. 

Thoughts: I don't think I will repurchase this in the future, since there are so many other products I can try. I'm sorry to see this didn't work for me now, as it did in the past, this being the proof that my skin has changed a lot in the past few years, along with the products I use. The foundation hasn't however break me out and did not irritate my skin in any way.

Have a nice day!

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