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I've been trying new products recently and I am in danger of becoming a faithful customer of  some of them. I'm in a moment in my life when I'm changing my skin care and my hair care routine, not really because I am adventurous but because my needs have obviously changed. I've also recently bought lots of makeup products, but they are all budget friendly, mostly from Essence who's winning my heart little by little.

balea creme bad yves rocher low shampoo

1. Balea Creme Bad Shower Cream

This comes in a large bottle of 1000 ml that will last me for approximately two months, not more because I adore the smell and I tend to use quite a lot of product because of that. This  reminds me of my mother's cookies and, without joking, has one of the most delicious smells in the world. I can identify vanilla, lemon and some sort of flower. This is a shower cream that doesn't make lots of foam which may be disturbing for some, but I quite like and definitely enjoy using it. The formula is really soft and creamy and I am planning to try more from this range, especially since Balea offers so many choices in terms of flavors  and the products are affordable.

2. Yves Rocher Low ShamPoo

If you're an old follower, you know I've tried the 'no poo' method and also the co-washing one. I presume my hair is too difficult to handle these two methods, because I quit using them as soon as I started. This shampoo intrigued me because of the 'Low ShamPoo' expression. Looking at the ingredients, I must  say I am impressed with the formulation and with it's performance . I have yet used it only 3 times (1 time/week - can't believe I can go 7 days between washes) but I am impressed and if things go this good, I may be converted to using it exclusively. I have noticed less frizz in my hair and more shine, things I can only be happy about.

bourjois healthy mix serum essence kiss me lipstick

3. Essence Long lasting Lipstick in #13 Love Me

This is my first Essence lipstick and I chose a lovely pale pink shade, with a little coral under tone, swatched on one of my favorite blogs: Mateja's. I was immediately sold by the natural color of this, although it looks more vivid and pink on my lips compared to other swatches over the internet. The final color depends a lot on the natural color of the lips. I won't say more because I already have prepared a review for this one.

4. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

It was love at first use. I mainly bought it because my mind was set on it for about 6 months now but I hesitated and bought the L'Oreal Accord Parfait instead. Little did I know that I will like it this much and that the shade would be a spot-on match to my skin tone. This has a luminous finish and a silky texture that makes it easy to blend it. I must confess, the rave about this is indeed justified.

kallos placenta avon moroccan oil argan oil

5. Kallos Placenta Hair Mask

This is an old favorite of mine, perfect for dry and brittle hair and deserves to be praised, that's how good it is. I included it in my hair care routine only a few weeks ago and I am already seeing results. My hair is softer, definitely has more shine and my curls are getting back to life. Needless to say this is such an affordable product.

6. Avon Moroccan Argan Oil

This is also a repurchase and now I like it even better than the first time I bought it a few years ago. I don't know if they changed the formula or it has stayed the same, but I find this a good product for normal hair without much damage. The oil smells nice and I mostly use it on dry hair every few days to tame the frizz. I like this product a lot, I think it's affordable and does what it promises.

elmiplant skin moisture paula's choice bha liquid

7. Paula's Choice BHA 2% Liquid

I really wanted to wait until I have a full proper review for this, however I want you to know I started using this a few months ago (about 2-3). I bought this exfoliant when my face was a mess, I had some really bad breakouts due to my pores being too clogged. I thought I suddenly had acne, it was that bad. I've been using it on a daily basis at night and it helped a lot with clearing my face. I did notice however my face getting drier and drier as the weeks passed by, reason enough to make me put it aside and use it only when needed.

8. Elmiplant Skin Moisture Cream

This was an unexpected purchase. I was just thinking one day, what is that breaks me out, when I do everything right? I used 'clean' products for months and I was still getting bumps. So I thought really hard and figured that my La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra was to blame for that. Buying the Elmiplant moisturizer was one of the best things I did because I like it a lot. It's super light, yet really moisturizing, even more moisturizing than the LRP one and it doesn't break me out. 

balea hand lotion gerovital happiness cc cream

9. Gerovital Happiness CC Cream

I bought this about three weeks ago and I only used it once. This is a really nice BB Cream, it's lightweight, moisturizing and the shade it's a spot-on match to my skin tone. I also love the seamless finish and the cooperative formula, which glides onto the skin effortlessly. I do however suspect this of some new spots I got after using it, but I have not confirmed this yet. It's a nice product to try if you don't have sensitive skin and you like delicious smelling products.

10. Balea Rose and Lychee Hand lotion

I 'm starting to like Balea products more and more. The first thing that caught my attention was the cute packaging and I immediately told myself I'm getting this. I didn't think I'd like it this much, but this is quite a nice product. It's hydrating, smells delicious, comes in a big quantity and is super affordable. Plus, it looks lovely on my bedside table and I mostly use it when I go to bed. I'm definitely going to buy another one for work.

essence silky touch blush autumn peach xxxl long lasting matt

11. Essence Silky Touch Blush in "Autumn Peach"

I don't know what got into me, but I really wanted a new shade of blush. I'm kind of bored with pinks so I went for coral. I went to Douglas last weekend to buy some Essence lip liners, but I also checked the blushes and then I saw this one. It's a bright coral blush, really pigmented, but way more beautiful than it's sibling from the same range, Kissable. This compliments my pale skin beautifully and I like it a lot. I will review this separately.

12. Essence XXXL Long Lasting Lipgloss Matt in #07 Silky Red

The thing with Essence products is that you can't really buy just one at a time. I never guessed I'd have a full wishlist of their products. This lipstick reminds me a lot of the lovely Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01, the only differences being that the latter is long lasting and instantly matte. The Essence Matt lipgloss is matte at first, but them turns into a creamy lipstick. Interesting nonetheless, but I am still getting used to his texture. I will also review this separately once I make up my mind about it.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products.

Have a nice day!

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