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After a busy and tiring day taking care of all those duties at work it comes naturally that I have trouble shutting down my brain and just go to sleep. There's no wonder that this happens very often and the reason is simple: I usually take my work problems into my home. What happens next is that I can't fall asleep and the next day I'm too tired to even think. Now, we know that the doctors recommend a 7-8 hours sleep per night, but how often do we get that lucky? For most of us, going to sleep is a nightmare especially since we don't have a 'shut down button' to push. I won't talk about how to relax after a day like that, but there are some things that seem to work when it comes to a good night sleep. I'll call them 'connections' because they help the brain connect to the right things.

TV Series

This is my top favourite activity for when I want to relax before going to sleep. I've found some good tv series that I watch whenever there's a new episode uploaded. Not only I get caught in the story and forget about my own problems or worries, but I also relax so much that I almost fall asleep. The darkness in my room and their voices create the perfect background for a good night sleep. Choose anything you like and just press the play button.

Hot bath

Nothing calms the body and the mind more than a hot bath. It's the perfect way to slow down your thoughts and focus on that bubbly moment. And, why not, make some nice plans for the next day that will boost up your mood. Use some flavours of your choice when taking a hot bath and light up some candles. I guarantee 100% relaxation.


Read a book. Focus on the story. On my job we have to read a book about personal development every month. I'm not very much into books like these, I like the books that tell a story. And then I get caugh in it, forgetting about everything. I start to visualize the characters, the invironment, everything. This is the nicest activity to do before going to bed. Doing this for a while, your body will understand that has to slow down because it's time to go to sleep.


There are times where I don't want to do none of the above. Then, I choose using my Android Apps such as We Heart It, Instagram or Pinterest. The pictures I find on these three apps not only inspire me, but also give me that relaxed mood and we all know that when we're in a good mood we sleep better. 


A great option is to light up some candles in your room and listen to some good, relaxing music. You can choose anything you like, but I suggest that you skip the rock part as it will only make you more awake instead of sleepy, haha. Turn the volume down and relax.

Scalp massage

I love scalp massages. They are great when you have a headache or you want to totally relax. I usually to these (I mean, my boyfriends does them to me) when I have a headache or I want to relax my entire body and mind watching TV. After a massage like that, I can go to sleep fully relaxed. Also, they help with hair growth, which is something I've talked about in one of my previous posts.

What do you usually do before going to bed?

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