Summer wedding outfit ideas

By Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer is the perfect time for weddings, right? Although I like going as a guest to these events, I find the dressing part kind of difficult every time I have to attend one. It can be a little tricky choosing the perfect outfit for the ceremony and for the later party as you really can't allow yourself to go wrong because, as always, 'everyone will be there'. I'm not that girl that searches for a dress for weeks, I'm more the kind that picks up the first dress that she likes! The hard part for me is always choosing the clutch so I guess weddings can really be something that engage the imagination and the creativity. Hopefully these outfits will be an inspiration especially if you are attending any weddings this summer.
Choosing pastels for a wedding is and will always be a safe choice since you can't really go wrong with these colours. I find them particularly classic and elegant, they surely are my no 1 top choice for these occasions. I'm not really into tight dresses as they are not very comfortable and I like to leave the 'unfomfortable' part to the shoes, haha!

For those of you that enjoy wearing bright colors, this dress is a perfect choice. I would wear this with some sparkling shoes and a simple white clutch. I find this combination of colors balanced and pretty and I'd totally wear it on a wedding this summer.

Although I don't like blue very much as a colour, this combination is really nice. The combination between blue and pink is kind of challenging for me, but surely not something I won't try. Definitely a win, altoghether with the statement necklace and the clutch.

What are your choices for summer weddings? Are you attending one this summer?

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