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This week made me realise just how badly I need a few days off. While outside is getting hotter, I feel more and more tired. The good thing is that my vacation is close and I can't wait to just sit around and relax! 
On monday it was mine and my mom's birthday and we had the most delicious cake in the universe! For our bithday, we like to bake a cake of our own, with pudding and cream! It's so delicious! And then, there was another sunset and I love taking pictures of them. On wednesday I received my first shirt from AliExpress which was such a pleasant surprise. I will talk about that in a separate post. And then yet another sunset! I literally ran out of the car and across the street to take this picture!
Since I loved my shirt so much, I just had to share how I felt wearing it. And then I had this huge surprise to receive my most wanted haircare products, as a late gift for my birthday! They are now part of my haircare routine and I like them so far. If you follow me on Instagram, you must already know how much I love my two Color Tattoo gel-cream eyeshadows so I posted my everyday makeup using them. On thursday I had a delicious icecream as a snack and forgot about the doctor's orders for a few moments. I am now kinda on a diet because I've been sick a few weeks ago and I'm still under treatment. Later that day, I searched like an insane person a pair of lace up sandals and finally found them on Zara on sale! That was kind of surprising!

This is how my week went and although I have some pretty bad days lately, I try to take the best of each day and think about the beautiful things in life.
How was your week?

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