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I know that this thing with the skincare routine is not something I usually do, but I did manage to use, for the past few months, the same products and methods to keep my skin beautiful and clean. For the past two years I have been on a constantly fight with searching the products to help me keep under control my super sensitive and moody skin. I had some really bad breakouts that have haunted me for months and learnt how to take care of my skin. I won't say that it was easy, but I guess the key is to don't give up, right?

Cleansing gel

My favourite for years has been the Effaclar cleansing gel from la Roche Posay. I like the fact that it's gentle with my skin, removes the other products very easy and seems to keep under control my breakouts. The face cream from the same range was not that effective, though.

Face makeup remover

I've been using the apricot oil for the past few months to remove my face makeup. I apply it on my face with both hands, massage it in and then use a towel and some warm water to remove the oil and the makeup altogether. After that I use my LRP cleansing gel and my Olay Pro X face brush to clean everything out. I like this method because it's very gentle with my skin and I get to massage my face everyday which is good at keeping wrinkles at bay.

Breakout creams

Two years ago I discovered Avene Cleanance K cream, which is more of and exfoliating cream. Since then, I've been repurchasing this constantly. I apply it on clean skin, on my breakouts to be specifically, let is sink in for 5-10 min and the apply my Brevoxyl cream. In the morning, my pimples are gone or almost gone. Definitely the perfect combination for my skin.


I spoke about this a few posts ago here. What you see in the green bottle is actually my vitamin C toner/serum, more like a toner consistency. I still use this everyday, twice a day on clean skin and still love the results.


Olay Pro X Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30 (long name!) has been on my side for more than two months now. I love the fact that is so mosturizing, has SPF 30 and it doesn't break me out. I've had, for the past few years, a very good experience with Olay products and I will stick with them until I find anything as better or even better than their products.

This routine has allowed me to go out everyday without even feeling the need to apply foundation and I can honestly say that these products are the combination that fits my needs 100%. My face is clean now, hydrated and I don't have to wear a lot of makeup which is perfect to me. When you're having trouble with your skin it's very important to take everything step by step and stick with what is good and effective on you.

What's on your skincare routine?

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