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During the past few years I was obsessed with my hair, since I discovered the hair dye and wanted to try pretty much every color out there. You can just imagine the pain I put my hair through when I decided I wanted it blonde instead of brunette and how things turned out from that moment on. My big obsession though was having a long hair which finally led me to buying some hair extensions just to make me feel better. But that was not how I wanted things to go. A few months ago I decided the best thing in years: to grow my hair out and never dye it again. Going back to my natural colour is kind of a challenge for me, because I hated it for years but I think that after all the colours I went through, my natural one is the one for me. As I was saying, I stopped dying my hair 4 months ago and at that moment seemed that my hair growth stopped too. My hair's length was reaching my waist and, to make the story scary, after taking that decision to never dye my hair again, I went to a hairdresser to cut my split ends and she just cut down my hair until it was past my shoulders. That was such a tragic moment! So I put together all the methods that have worked for me during my lifetime and began using them religiously. These methods have worked for me and gave me a few inches in only 4 months. Although I'm a huge pessimist and a very impatient girl, these methods do work.

From the inside
Hair growth can be promoted from the inside by using some vitamins and minerals. Not only they will help with your immunity and your overall health, but they can stimulate hair growth and make your hair healthier. I think the best option here are the multivitamin tablets which I've been using for some time. Another option would be Forcapil hair supplements which is said to help your hair grow faster, but I can't really tell how effective they are since I only used them for a month. Also, fish oil supplements will help your hair growth process by speeding up the growth in hair follicles. I've been using these for a few months now. Don't forget to eat the right proteins too, such as eggs, chicken, turkey, beans, nuts, soy products.

From the outside
Homemade hair masks. I can't praise enough these masks! I started using them on my journey to become a blonde and my hair become more manageable, shinnier, silkier. I love using olive oil hair masks on my hair, combined with other oils such as argan and castor oils. I apply them on my dry hair and leave them do their magic for about 2-3 hours before my normal wash. These oils will revive your hair like a cold shower in the morning and castor oil especially, will help your hair grow faster.
Head massage (scalp stimulation). This is the most relaxing part of the entire process, haha! You can do these massages yourself or do like I do, ask your boyfriend to do them for you! Anyway, these scalp massages increase the blood flow in the scalp which speeds up the growth process. You can do a full scalp massage with oils, for a few minutes a day, or you can masage your scalp while washing your hair in the shower.
Exercise and water. This is the perfect combination when it comes to hair growth. Exercise is the no 1 activity that boosts up this process by unclogging the hair follicles and increasing the blood flow. Moreover, this activity will benefit your entire body, not only your hair. Combine this with driking lots of water, not soda or anything, just water!
Relax more. By this I mean stress less. Stress is that enemy that causes hair loss and that will eventually slow down the hair growth process. I know this beause I've been there and I'm still suffering from hair loss, altough I not that stressed anymore. Clearly I couldn't force myself to be less stressed so I tried this method: doing what I like, when I like, in my own free time. 

Have you tried any of these methods for hair growth? Are you like me, struggling with your hair to grow longer or your hair just grows quickly?

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