Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe&Pink Gold

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I know, there are lots of reviews out there, but one more won't harm anyone, right? I will tell you my honest opinion about these two products, from the point of view of a girl that has super oily lids. 
It's not a secret that I love makeup and love wearing it on myself too. I actually didn't wear eyeshadow on myself for years because of my oily lids. I've been trying every single method out there and nothing, my lids just keep getting oily and my eyes makeup is therefore ruined. That's the reason why, for the past few years, I wore only mascara on my eyes.
I bought these two products because of all the good reviews on the internet and now they are just something I used every single day for the past two weeks. I apply them on my lids at 7 am, when I get ready for work and at 9 pm, after I get home, my makeup is still intact. The thing is that they work on me only if I apply a little powder on my lids, and after that, ta-daa. Fresh, clean makeup for 12-13 hours.
As you can see, I have two shades: Permanent Taupe and Pink Gold. I chose these two shades because I wanted to create kind of a day smokey eyes, something that would only accentuate my eyes without telling everyone 'hey I'm wearing eyeshadow today!' haha. I found out that this shade, Permanent Taupe, is the perfect one for contouring my crease because it blends in so well and it's just that perfect shade...I guess you gotta love it! And Rose Gold is just a peach shade with pink undertones and some glitter, which makes it perfect for day wear.
For me this is a big win and now I can really dare to wear makeup at work, without worying that my eyeshadow will crease after 2 hours. You can see in the pictures how they look on the skin and just how well they blend in. The creamy formula makes the application so smooth and pleasant. I'll just give Maybelline a huge plus for this range of products! Well done, guys.

What do you think about this Color Tattoo range? Have you tried any of their products?

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5 comentarii

  1. Love that combo- Rose Gold is gorgeous!

  2. I have oily lids too, and I love these Color Tattoos. I have 6 shades and I want more. :)

  3. Same here :) these are life saviours

  4. I have to try that Pink Gold, it looks gorgeous :)


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